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Residential & Commercial Closings

Houses and commercial properties with past problems can have burdensome consequences for new owners. If you’re in the process of buying real estate, issues tied up in the property can fall on your shoulders. Whether you’re buying a home or commercial property, it’s essential to make sure there’s a stable roof over your head. At Pinellas Park Title Co., we can help you achieve just that.

We offer home and commercial title insurance in Pinellas Park, FL, and the Greater Tampa-St. Petersburg region. We provide Vietnamese interpretation services for closings. We also offer title insurance for refinance closings. No matter what type of closing you face, we can educate and help you settle under a new roof with peace of mind.

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Home Title Insurance & Closings
When you buy a house, you’re purchasing the title to that property, and essentially its past, as well. Pending lawsuits against the property can suddenly become your problem. Unpaid taxes can become yours to pay. If there are competing claims against the estate, you could lose out on your investment and waste tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

Home title insurance protects new owners from losing their property and suffering financial consequences. At Pinellas Park Title Co., we do the research for you. Our goal is to help you uncover any unforeseen issues with your property and protect you throughout the closing process.

Our owner’s and lender’s policies cover all types of real estate closings, including:

  • Reverse mortgage closings
  • For Sale By Owner closings
  • Investor closings
  • Residential closings
  • Commercial closings

Fill out your quote forms today! If you receive a written quote from another title agency that is less than ours, let us provide you with the opportunity to match or beat it.

Commercial Title Insurance & Closings

There are all sorts of formalities and processes to take care of when buying a commercial property. If not done correctly, your new investment can come with significant financial consequences.

When you purchase commercial property, you’re buying its history and all of the past and current issues tied up in it. Without commercial title insurance, you could face penalties, future lawsuits, and put your real estate investment in a tight financial spot from the get-go.

At Pinellas Park Title Co., we’ve secured businesses with reliable commercial title insurance throughout the State of Florida. If you’re buying commercial property, we’ll work with you from the due diligence phase through the closing process. We work closely between buyers and sellers to protect everyone’s interests. If you’re purchasing commercial property in the Greater Tampa-St. Petersburg area,
contact us today!

Refinance Closings

Are you refinancing the mortgage on your house or commercial property? Whether you’re trying to lower your interest rates, pocket more money each month, or want to consolidate debt, refinancing your mortgage has many benefits. When you refinance your mortgage, you’ll have to provide your new lender with title insurance. As the borrower, you have the right to choose your own title company.

Your property has likely gone through some changes since you started the current mortgage. If any changes to your property involved a lender, such as your bank, the transaction requires protection. Title insurance can protect your lender against undisclosed claims and defects in a title.

To make the refinancing process go as smoothly as possible, Pinellas Park Title Co. can help. Call 727-541-7716 to get started!

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